Be Part of the tribe

At LeadingAhead we are building a tribe (of clients) comprised of the finest industry leaders focusing on growth paired with an energetic spirit while aiming pushing environmental, social and economic performance by implementing cutting edge corporate sustainable strategies.

The Mission

Our mission is to forever protect our natural resources while maintaining a strong sustainable economy for generations to come at a time when our actions increase change to our planet is becoming a serious threat to the economy and humanity.

The Vision 

We envision an economy where businesses and organizations undertaking actions and business practices assuring the perpetuity of a sustainable economy and humanity. To achieve this, we are helping organizations developing and implementing strategies creating a secured future not only for the company but the environment it operates in. Keynote speaking and Platform speaking are a key part of the vision in order to reach a global audience and achieve our mission. 

Your Way to Make a Difference

We firmly believe in the concept of sustainability. Usually viewed from an environmental perspective, sustainability is equally concerned with the economic, social and environmental factors, also called triple bottom line. By focusing on five major stakeholders (owners, employees, suppliers, the community and the environment), we aim to guide towards helping businesses in generating as many sustainable practices as possible. 



Following graduation of International Business at the Univeristy of Ottawa and Sustainable Business Leadership from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Maxime has founded LeadingAhead with the objective of creating a sustainable economy system while improving social and environmental corporate performance. As he always had a business and environmental mindset, Max has found a way to mix the two and help other using their business and investments as power for change. Maxime now realizes his dream of helping companies achieving their sustainability objectives while assisting investors towards the right responsible investments that best suits their values. Recently, he has been a delegate at the Leading Change Canada part of the international sustainability Globe Conference as well as guest speaker to diverse Chambers of Commerce, CEO Forums and International business and environmental conferences. He’s also written for BCBusiness, his personal blog and other professional organizations. In his personal time, Maxime is passionate about the outdoors where he recharges to keep a consistent high energy level. Whether it is trail running, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, climbing, hiking or simply walking along the seawall, he will always be up for the next adventure.



International Business Bachelor / University of Ottawa 

Sustainable Business Leadership / British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) 



The Natural Step Canada 

New Model of Business in Society / University of Virginia  


Leading Change Canada 2016 Delegate: 

Leading Change is a Canada-wide movement started by young environmental and sustainability professionals working together to catalyze action and influence positive change locally, regionally and internationally. The objective is to address environmental, social and economic issues that are critical to attaining a sustainable future for the next generation.