Professional Testimotionals


Max has opened my eyes to a new way of doing business.  One that considers how it’s actions or inactions directly affects the community that supports it.  I strongly believe social responsibly is becoming increasingly important to todays consumers and it will become nearly mandatory for the future success of businesses.  On top of that, Max is the definition of professionalism and a joy to work with! 

Andy Zaramba, Cofounder, FloatHouse & Vancouver Real Podcast


Working with Max was very simple. He carries enthusiasm, energy, ethics and firmly believes in the benefits of his products. Max is well thought out and concise. It provided me with the knowledge of what we have to do to take the next steps in becoming B-Corp certified. Max is also very diligent in his approach to the work. He displays excellent time management and respect for our business and the critical and sensitive issues. 

Dann Konkin, CEO at AMPCO Manufacturing


Maxime leads with his heart and his mind. His drive is to bring social and sustainable awareness to business in a way that doesn't just save money, but positively impacts our environment as well. I've worked with Max for more than a year and I'm constantly impressed his ability to create, produce and follow through with his commitments to his clients. Finally, it's important to note that Max is dedicated to solving local and and international issues putting people, the environment and the economy first. He has the stamina, interest, and capacity to help the clients he serves.

 Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA

Cofounder: Get Momentum Leadership Academy


We recently engaged Maxime Charron to help us with our Strategy to become B Corp Certified.  The work he completed was so comprehensive that we invited him to speak at an event where we were introducing B Corp to other businesses.  His presentation was well prepared, engaging and made us look good.  We highly recommend Maxime as a consultant and speaker. 

- Darrell Ross, CRO Bloom Strategies

Speaking Testimonials


Maxime’s presentation at the Northwest Environmental Conference challenged us to think ahead about how our current efforts to improve environmental, social and economic conditions will impact people’s lives 20 years from now. He provided an inspiring and farsighted perspective on what we can do today to build a solid basis for a prosperous future.

Ray Berardinelli, Marketing Director, International Society of Sustainability Professionals


Kallon John, Marketing Manager at Make Your Mark


"Maxime has unique capabilities to capture the attention, and empower the audience to take action!”

Gobinder Gill, Diversity Traine


Beatty Floors

Last month we had the pleasure of hearing from Maxime Charron on how to be a responsible, sustainable business. I thought we were taking a responsible approach until we heard what was being presented. So much concern over global climate change that it’s important to note what you can do to make changes.

Maxime was clear and very well learned on this subject and I feel his message needs to be heard. LeadingAhead Sustainability is a business that can influence business owners in a very positive way in being more responsible with our world. 

Vance McCarth, President Beatty Floors Ltd


I have had the pleasure of attending a number of events where Maxime has spoken at and have witnesses his ability to inspire and engage with audiences of all types. He has an ability to connect with audiences on a very personal level which is something that other speakers strive to achieve. Maxime does so with ease!

 His blend of inspirational stories and anecdotes, combined with his years of business experience, make Maxime an excellent choice for conference and events looking for someone to who is energetic and uplifting.

Dustin Hogan, TEDxStanleyPark Speaking Coach