The most common Question:

What is a sustainable Business Strategy?

Often, business owners and executives will take sustainability as side projects and this is exactly why the outcome isn’t what was expected. The reality is, no organization would spend money on a marketing campaign or sales training without setting KPI’s to measure the performance of each dollar spent. Managers will track inbound calls and leads generated from the marketing strategy as well as measuring the closing rate of the sales team following an expensive training expecting positive results. The same goes with sustainable strategies. It cannot be a project on the side of a desk to get to when there is some extra time. It needs to be taken seriously just as any other projects in the company. Embedding a triple bottom line approach within a business plan isn’t a simple task but is well worth the effort. It all starts with planning and our 7-step process is design to do just that as our Sustainable Strategy System works in an integrated within the full spectrum of your organization.