Why Maxime

Maxime has the rare ability to get the audience engaged and stimulated while delivering business insights for people who desire to challenge the status-quo and think differently in their companies and their lives. Over the years he acquired fundamental speaking skills through various public speaking opportunities and Toastmasters where he gets to speak weekly. Recently, Maxime was invited to speak at the Vancouver Executive Association presenting "Sustainable Business Strategies - Foundation of Strong Modern Businesses", at the NWEC Conference as well as many other engagement on Fossil Fuel Free investments. Genuinely speaking about topics dear to his heart, he confidently transmits his passion to the audience resulting in immediate shift from awareness to consciousness.  

  • Challenging status-quo
  • Engage and stimulate the audience
  • Transmitting passion resulting in immediate trust

Maxime Charron



Maxime speeches focus on sustainability within organizations facing pressing issues from a new market demand, environmental constraints, social issues and upcoming megatrends disrupting businesses. Working in different industries, understanding market trends future threats as well as risk mitigation provided him with the knowledge to support business owners and C-level executive to build and operate stronger and innovative businesses

As Maxime broaden is spectrum to Fossil Fuel Free Investments, he acquired fundamental understanding on how responsible investment linked with corporate sustainability will forge today's and tomorrow's economy. Educating the audience on the importance of this topic and the availability of diverse responsible investments options is crucial to build the economy of the future as the traditional financial system will omit to mention and provide these options. 

For Maxime speaking is an astounding way to empower people in an ever changing world where it can be turned into fear and confusion. Through life examples, he offers a different outlook resulting in shift from change to evolution making the uncomfortable zones comfortable. Using maximum energy, Maxime lifts up the crowd leading them towards concrete actions solving today's and tomorrow's social, economic and environmental challenges. 

  • Valuable Insights facing pressing issues
  • Inspire and support business owners and c-level individuals 
  • Different outlook to fear removing barriers

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