Aligning Investments and Values


For years we have been making money investing according to what our financial planners, either personal or business finance, offered us without really giving a second thought about where our money was being invested. Times have changed as it is now possible to ensure there is a portfolio that suits your company and personal needs. To make a change, it is imperative that our actions reflects our beliefs. It is also true in the way we invest our money. Investing in a Fossil Fuel Free Fund does not only assure that your money is invested at the right place, it also provides an equal or greater return on investment compared to a regular portfolio. The whole idea is to pull money out of undesirable industries and transfer it towards companies with strong environmental, social and governance practices leading the world forwards. 

The industries excluded from the Fossil Free Funds are: 

  • Tobacco 
  • Oil and gas 
  • Transportation related to oil and gas 
  • Weapons 
  • Coal

Responsible investment and fossil free funds option allow to put your money at work for you according to your values as well as helping our planet and building stronger communities by the simple action of investing carefully. If you're looking to invest your money without contributing to climate change, contact us today.