What A Toddler Taught Me About Overconsumption

This is a Christmas story of a little toddler, Jane. December starts like no other month in the calendar year. A Christmas tree and presents slowly begin to fill out space in the living room. She will soon learn who Santa is and how to pronounce his name. It will be mixed with a series of Christmas children songs and a lot of family time playing in the snow.

Getting closer to the ultimate day, Jane is waking up just like every other day but learns new songs and dance while jingling the bells in from of a monitor. Happiness is all around her. Finally, Christmas morning arrives. For her, it is still a normal day where she will be waking up, playing with mommy and daddy for a little bit in bed before heading to the kitchen for breakfast. After her first meal of the day, her parents were all exited for no apparent reasons. They started taking boxes from underneath the tree giving them to her. Unwrapping these boxes was a real pleasure for Jane. The noise of the tearing paper was tickling her ears and made her smile.

After opening the first box, Jane discovered a new toy for her. Yeah, I will have a new thing to play with, she thinks to herself. So she started walking toward the living room and play with her new present. Before she even had time to explore her new belonging, surprisingly, she gets picked up and put back on the couch to unwrap more boxes. Crying tears because she wanted to play with the new toy, she had no interest in the other boxes. Due to a lack of interest on the subsequent presents, mommy and daddy had to open the remaining presents for her. An hour later, she was surrounded by new toys making her feel uncomfortable. She played a little bit with everything but decided that her new train was her favourite leaving all the other presents behind.

Later in the afternoon, Jane and her parents were driving to the grand-parents home. Little did she know that a lot more boxes were awaiting there for her. The same process happened again. After she opened the first box, she tried to play with the new present but got pulled away unamused by the situation. Since grand-ma loved her dearly, grand-ma Santa Claus wish list was longer then ever for her grand-daughter. Two hours and many many boxes later, Jane decided that the new kitchen was her favourite thing to play with, leaving all the other presents behind.

Returning home asleep at the end of the night after a long exhausting day, Jane was put to bed by her parents kissing her good night. The next morning, she woke up with a mountain of new toys to play with. Jane felt overwhelmed by the situation not quite remembering what happened. Confused, she decided to go back playing in the kitchen cupboards stacking plastic containers and playing music hitting the washing machine with her bare hands like she used to before Christmas day.