Sustainability - Series - Filling the Gap for SMEs

Is leaving a legacy important to you? Have you ever wondered how to integrate sustainability within a company strategy but had no clue where to begin? Are you looking for a guideline that would teach you where to begin depending on your industry? Are you simply curious about what's going on in the sustainable business world. If you answered yes to one of these questions this is for you.   

As Canada and the United States are composed of a 98% and 99% SMEs ratio respectively, it was easy to realized that the small & medium business world does not have the adequate tools to get onto the sustainability path as it often seems an overwhelming task. Providing them with valuable tools would increase the feasibility of such projects which is the focus of this project. Today's reality is that most initiatives are from corporations. However we see a lot of smaller businesses doing what they can to contribute and come up with very creative ideas. The main issue why small business owners hesitate to dive in is mosty related to costs and no concrete success examples in the mainstream medias. It is not a lack of will. Working on a numerous projects myself and talking with many owners, CEO's and managers I realized that something needed to be done to show that sustainability is possible even in a business world without an overwhelming upfront investment. 

This is how the idea the "SME Sustainability Success and Struggle" project was born. The idea is to interview multiple SMEs who already are doing great things for the planet but you most likely have not heard of. Conducting interviews, sharing knowledge, insights, tips, strategies , and failures at the benefit of other SMEs will be the product. The result; increasing a sense of direction and feasibility for small & medium businesses that sustainability is definitively a long term winning plan for them to get onto. 

Quickly subscribe, share and follow as the first interview will be posted by the end of September 2015. A new entry will be added on a monthly basis thereafter.

Are you a SME with an in depth environmental, social and governance stand point?  Would you like to be part of this project by sharing your experience? Please do not hesitate to contact me to contribute to this project.