Why Sustainability?

It all started back in 2007 while attending university. Amongst many other students, I decided to attend business school. Luckily or unluckily, I we were learning business models while being at the heart of the financial crisis. Soon enough,  I started to critic the learning material during lectures as teachers were teaching us what they have been taught many years ago including very little change. One day it struck me. While sitting in the classroom listening to another lecture, I simply thought to myself: "The business models that is provided by the university right now is the exact same model that led us to the crisis we presently live in  and the plan is to teach the next generation the same models that are failing on us, graduate, get a job and duplicate what we know will fail again?" Am I the only one who is not making sense of this?.

Fast forward five years, after going through corporate budgets, quotas, meetings, and forecasts type of environment I felt like something, something deeper was missing. There was no other interests in doing business other than profit. Nothing to enhance employees lives, offset the harm done to the environment due to the business activities, no involvement whatsoever to enrich the community where the company was located, nothing. That is when the decision to not prone such model and to go back to school in Sustainable Business Leadership with changing the way the world operates in mind saw lights. Even if it seems like a haunting task to take on, the amazing thing about this is that I was not alone in this situation and that many other people had decided to follow the same path.  As the sustainability movement grew enormously within the past five years, it makes it a lot more achievable of a task knowing that you are not alone. Living in a linear business world on a finite resource planet is simply unrealistic and unsustainable. 

That was the starting point for me. Since then I have helped numerous companies getting on their way doing their share for a sustainable future not only environmentally but also economically and socially. We now see the most severe ever recorded draughts in California, record high temperature around the globe especially in Spain, Portugal and Pakistan and as British Columbian seeing the longest and hottest summer ever recorded starting over 130 wild fire across the province providing Beijing like air quality due to the smoke blowing towards the city by strong winds. While it is desert dry in the Vancouver area, Kamloops (which is a dry area) has received a flash flood washing out city streets along the way. Further East in the country, Saskatchewan has begun the biggest evacuation of the province history due to outstanding wild fires.

I am not here to create a sense of panic in any way,  however society simply worries me about the quality of life that it will leave to its child as legacy if nothing changes. Since our politicians still seem to be more attracted by oil & gas, preparing for the next political campaign, and getting questioning founding it is then in the hands of the population and companies to make a real difference, one company and one individual at the time. Too many people and businesses wait until there is a law enforced to make a change. Let me ask you this, would you run a company the same way? Always catching up instead of being proactive? If so, that company will most likely not survive for a long time. 

I understand that not everyone think the same way and I respect that. However I will do everything in my power to help CEO's, managers, business owners and employees who make the environment, social and governance performance at the forefront of their priorities.