At LeadingAhead it is extremely important to give back to the community the best we can. We believe that a business is meant to not only provide value to shareholders and customers but also to all stakeholders it operates with. Building businesses to create wealth in other forms than solely money is what drives us to keep on going every day. Helping non-profits and having an impact on other people's lives is the final reward. 

The effect we have on others is most valuable currency there is.
— Jim Carrey

After knowing about the horrifying natural disaster in Nepal, the need to support the people in need was not even a question for debate. Having a military background and always ready to help in any circumstances, I immediately donated to Humanitarian Coalition. Unfortunately, I could not go there myself, however by supporting organizations who can will make a difference and you can make a difference too. 


We are proud to participate in teaching business to youth through Junior Achievement. Teaching something that is not in the curriculum allows us to take a different approach so students get to learn by putting the theory into practice. We are also proud to give speeches to high-school students about inspiration, life and business in order to help them reflect about themselves and increase their self-confidence to pursue their passions. 


We are supporting different causes especially those that are very close to us. Cancer has struck too many times in our surroundings and although that biking 250 kilometres was absolutely nothing compared to those people fighting cancer for weeks, months and years, we believe in the difference it can make. We are always looking for corporate sponsorship to raise as much money as possible to kick cancer out of the game. Each year we are joining over 2000 other riders who believe in making a difference in other people's lives and in creating value for the greater good. We feel very lucky to be part of the amazing Riders for Ryders team who is providing incomparable support to its team members and where friendship are created on an annual basis.