Wanting To Get The B-Corp Initial Assessment Done?

How can it benefit your Organization

Take your business to the next level by increasing your company’s social and environmental performance, while saving money, enhance profitability, and generate more business value.

It is great to collect all the product certifications such as, Fair trade, Organic, LEED, Energy Star, Marine Stewardship and many more. However, it is time to focus on getting your overall efforts being recognized. Your enterprise can provide great products meanwhile your environmental, social and governance performance can be left questionable. This is where the B-Corp certification fills the gap.

Instead of evaluating one areas, It covers the entire company's operations: 

  • Governance 
  • Community 
  • Environment 
  • Workers 
  • Customers 


What you get

LeadingAhead Sustainability will not only do the initial assessment for your organization but will also provide with a custom sustainability roadmap for you to follow during your B-Corporation journey. Knowing which initiatives will make you earn the points necessary to reach the 80 points required to become certified is by far the most efficient and effective strategy. 

The great thing is that nothing bonds you to the certification. The roadmap is designed for you to use to improve your environmental and social impact while reaping the financial benefits. It all comes down to positioning yourself on the sustainability map. The custom sustainability roadmap comes with a detailed report outlining strengths and weaknesses as well as areas from improvement making it easier for you to use resources and efforts effectively. 


The PRocess 

  1. Initial phone or in-person meeting 
  2. Building custom roadmap and B-Corp Assessment
  3. Send custom roadmap with detailed report


Reach out to us to get an initial assessment done for you and find out where you currently stand. It’s the best way to get a starting point! Click here to explore the simple process of getting the initial assessment done.